How good are your POWERPOINT presentations?

Whether you're presenting a project update, a new idea or a new vision I can help you transform your ability to communicate your ideas in the workplace starting today!

Would you rather present these typical slides... 

Or these?


Learning to See

Did you see the difference between the above sets of slides? One is definitely much better than the other but before you saw these I bet you didn't know what a "good" slide could look like. Having a point of reference or benchmark is very useful. And understanding what exactly makes a slide good is even better. See the following before & after example:


The "after" image tells you what's different: headline titles, using color for emphasis, alignment of objects and eliminating unnecessary elements. Once you "learn to see" it becomes very easy to spot what's wrong with a particular slide and therefore helps you create a better one. I'm sure you already picked-up a few ideas just by reading up to this point!

"Presentations are part of your personal brand. What you present and how you present has an influence on how you are perceived by others."

There are three things you need to learn in order to create great presentations:

1. How to PLAN A PRESENTATION. Before you get to the computer to start cranking out slides, you need to have an overall objective for your presentation and think about the order of the slides to ensure your story makes sense.

In this video I show you the first five steps to plan a presentation.

2. How to DESIGN GREAT SLIDES. You need to consider slide background, colors, font types, font colors, use of images and charts, animations, transitions, etc. As an example, in this video I show you how to improve a line chart by using design principles.

3. How to WORK EFFICIENTLY in PowerPoint. There are several ways to cut time while creating a presentation by using shortcuts and a few tricks. As an example, in this video I show you how to use the 'Crop' tool in PowerPoint to enhance the look of pictures in your slides.

86% of top executives say that communicating with clarity directly impacts their career and income. Yet only 25% spend more than 2 hours on "high stakes" presentations. -- Jim Endicott, President of Distinction Communication, Inc.

Would You Like To Master Presentation Development?

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