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Guillermo Gonzalez


Founder of Presentation Blueprint, Guillermo Gonzalez has built a strong reputation as a trainer and presenter over the past 20 years, having had to plan, design and deliver hundreds of presentations in companies like General Electric and Johnson & Johnson.

A graduate of the University of Michigan, Ross School of Business, he works frequently with VPs, Directors, Managers and Associates and understands the common pressures and concerns associated with business presentations.



Why Presentation Blueprint?


Guillermo created Presentation Blueprint after experiencing dozens of boring presentations by people at all levels in an organization.

PowerPoint has become one of the primary ways to communicate in the business world. We use it at company meetings around the world, to present to senior management, venture capitalists, customers and vendors among others. It's used by C-level Executives, Directors, Managers, Associates, Consultants, Presidents, Teachers, Students, Priests... Everybody uses it and yet most people fail to engage their audience.

Typing bullets in a slide is the norm. That's what most people do.  But that's boring and only serves the presenter as prompter. Audiences dread PowerPoint and people joke about "death by PowerPoint" and "killed by bullets". But the truth is, when used the right way, PowerPoint is a wonderful communication tool. Those who are good at it have been able to inspire people, to get what they want and most importantly they have been able to stand out and get noticed. You can do the same. Don't settle for more of the same. Become a leader in the movement to change how presentations are done.