You Could Use Some Control… In PowerPoint

Keyboard shortcuts work faster than clicking through menus in PowerPoint and can really cut the time you spend to create your slides. Here are five tricks (plus two bonuses) you can use with the Control key in your computer to simplify your life when working in PowerPoint.

1.      Super / Sub scripts

Superscripts are used frequently when writing math formulas or to insert a number indicating a footnote. To type text in superscript or subscript you’d typically select your text, open the the Font panel and click Superscript or Subscript, right? Too many steps.

Instead, select your text and hit Ctrl, Shift and = to make it superscript or Ctrl and = to make it subscript. This is also helpful for symbols like © for copyright or ™ for trademark, which by the way (BONUS TIP) you can create very easily by typing (c) or (tm). It will automatically turn it into a superscript but in some cases you still want it smaller so using the Ctrl and + trick will do it for you.

2.      Duplicate

You have something you need to copy and paste? No, I'm not going to tell you to use Ctrl and C to copy and then Ctrl and V to paste. That's old. There’s an easier way. Just select the object, hit Ctrl and D and voila, it does it in one step!

3.      Duplicate again

If you want to duplicate AND position your object in the desired location at the same time, then simply select what you want to duplicate (you should see a box with 8 dots around it), hit the Ctrl key (you will see the cursor changing shape) and then click the left button in your mouse and drag it to a different place. BONUS TIP: If you want the duplicate object to stay aligned horizontally or vertically with the original one just hit the Shift key in addition to Ctrl. 

 4.      Zoom it

Ctrl+scroll wheel.png

This one only works if you are using a mouse with a scroll wheel. Click Ctrl and then use the scroll wheel to zoom in our out on an object. This replaces having to go to View/Zoom or using the Zoom bar on the bottom right.

5.      Group and Un-Group

Grouping objects is very useful so that they don't move from a particular configuration or to add animation to the whole thing. To group objects, instead of going through the menus, just select them, hit Ctrl and G to group or Shift-Control and G to ungroup. Easy!

There you go. Five easy ways to take some Control and save some time while creating your next slide deck.

More tips in my next blog. Don't miss it!


P.S. - Are these tips useful? What other shortcuts using the Control Key do you know? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.