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If you have to sell anything as part of your job -- a product, a project, an idea, a service, and we all do in some way-- you know how the right presentation can make a project or an idea go forward and the wrong one can kill it. These are crucial presentations. And despite what's at stake -a promotion, raising money, getting new business, peer recognition- most times we do it incredibly badly by crafting lengthy, boring PowerPoints.

The success of presentations depends on the process you use to develop them, on figuring out how to keep your audience's attention and not on how hard you try. The better you are at engaging your audience the more successful you will be.

If you are an expert in your field but you are not necessarily an expert at PowerPoint and just need a method and tips to put together a compelling presentation that you will feel proud of presenting and your audience will absolutely love then this course is right for you. I can help you get better starting with your very next presentation.

This course is organized in three main sections and two bonuses. You can jump to either of these depending on your needs:

  1. How to create a powerful, compelling story
  2. How to create engaging slides that support the story
  3. How to deliver your presentation with confidence
  4. Bonus: Presenting to Executives
  5. Bonus: Tips & Tricks (34 videos)

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customer REVIEWS:

This course is great. I have used PowerPoint quite a lot and have done a few courses. This Course is one of the best I have done, and provides some really good advice on creating and presenting professional presentations. Highly recommended.
— Paul M.
We’ve all done presentations with PowerPoint. We are guided by the built-in templates and our experience with other presentations. This course takes us beyond the built-in features and teaches the “art” of presenting. Kudos to Guillermo for taking the time to put all this together!
— Randall P.
This course is great because it is organized, broken into bite size chunks of key relevant topics, and uses many examples to illustrate what to do and not do. I really love the before and afters and the way real life scenarios are used to bring it home. Guillermo is an excellent instructor and does a superb job at explaining the concepts.
— Nick
This is the best course I ever watched on Udemy. Period. It is dense with good methods, tips and other value all focused on one important goal: to make your presentation better, in the modern design sense of the phrase.
— Fabrizio

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